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MassWiz 1.0 provides Mtb H37Rv peptide library for MS data search. Don't need it? Try a Custom database.

Search Options

  • Tandem MS Search (MS/MS) for protein identification
    Search all MS/MS spectra from a single experiment using a PKL file. Preliminary search shows the proteins based on number of matched MS/MS spectra. The selected protein's detailed page shows additonally matched peptides.
  • Peptide Mass Fingerprint Search
    You can search Peptide Mass Fingerprint (PMF) data using a text file containing mass and intensity.
  • Peptide identification from a Single MS/MS spectrum
    Search a single peptide from its MS/MS spectrum. This identification is useful for searching a peptide instead of protein. The proteins are mentioned which contain the peptide.
  • MS/MS validation of candidate peptides
    If you have candidate/suspected peptides for an MS/MS spectrum, you can test its validity using MassWiz algorithm.
  • Create Custom Database for proteins of your choice
    Rather than relying on complex statistics to decrease "false positives",search in a customized dataset which contains proteins of your choice. When you search against proteins from a defined functional class of proteins or a taxa(e.g. mitochondrial proteins, proteins you have sequenced in your lab, translated proteins from DNA of an organism whose proteins are not yet available in public databases, mammalian cell receptors etc), false positives get decreased and thus increase confidence on results.
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