Peptide Mass Fingerprint (PMF) Search

PMF FileUpload an ASCII text file containing peptide mass fingerprint data(peaklist). First line will be ignored. Following lines must have a mass(m/z) and its corresponding intensity separated by a tab. File extension should be .txt OR Paste Masses (Da)You can paste peptide masses(m/z) one mass per line. Contents of this field will be ignored if file is given. Mass Tol ±(Da)Enter a tolerance value (maximum of 1.0 Da) within which the masses will be matched in the database. If value entered is more, it will be reset to 1.0 Da.
one mass(m/z) and intensity per line separated by a tab.example One mass(m/z) per line.example
Charge StateSelect the charge state for the experimental mass ions. Choose Mr for charge state 0.   EnzymeYou can select the enzyme (or cleaving reagent) used for protein digestion. Missed CleavageChoose number of missed cleavage sites for the enzyme.
DatabaseChoose 'tuberculist' or one of your custom databases. You need to log in to see your custom databases here.   Protein Mass (kDa)Enter estimated mass of the protein. This restricts the search to proteins within desired mass range. Protein Tol ± (kDa)This is the tolerance for protein mass to define the range of protein mass to be considered for search
Show TopYou can define the number of results to be selected for final display. If you select 10, results beyond 10th rank will be totally removed from results list. Results per pageSelect the number of results to be displayed on each page. Per Page
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