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You need to register to avail the Custom database creation facility. This is to ensure a custom workspace for you which is not accessible to others. You can manage your own databases giving you flexibility and control.

Custom database can be created for any structural/functional class of proteins from any taxa. You can create custom database from DNA , mRNA or Protein sequences as input. Customized databases can be very handy tools for focused research, innovating protein identification techniques and reducing false positives.

For e.g. You can create a database of brain proteins from humans, a database of mammalian mitochondrial proteins or you can even create a database of nuclear proteins from a set of closely related organisms (like Human, Chimpanzee and Gorilla). The utilities of this feature are only limited by the user's imagination. You can have a maximum of three databases concurrently. You should delete a database upon completion of analysis so that you can create more. Please use this facility judiciously. For more, you can write to us.

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